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Shop Cal T-Seven YTS

Developed by a garment decorator for garment decorators.

T-Seven has a login and user account control making it much more flexible to control who can access what in the program. Your users, passwords and account level settings will remain when you apply any updates.

With T-Seven you will be able to install the program on up to 5 computers. If you are running T-Seven in network mode you will be able to have 5 concurrent users (seats) using the program at the same time. More concurrent seats are available for an additional fee if needed but 5 should fit the needs of most shops.
T-Seven also has the ability to price screen printing using "First Location" and "Additional Locations" pricing as set in the matrix. 
T-Seven will also allow running reports on sales so you can see in an instant what you did in sales per day, week, month or any date range you want. You will also be able to run customer reports so you can see the sales activity for any or all customers.
T-seven also has an optional add-on called T-Reports that allows drill down into the things that show you if you are making money and where you are doing the best.
New side menu makes it easier to find what you are loking for.

New "MapIt" feature shows customers location on map or gives real time driving instructions. Windows 10 only.