Shop Cal Software is going to use Dr. Explain to create online documentation for our software.

For years I have looked high and low for something to make creating help files or documentation easy to create. Creating chm help files using the free Microsoft HTML Help Workshop is confusing and very time consuming. I would rather write tons of code for pricing software then to create a chm help file for documentation. I have tried some of the other solutions out there like HelpNDoc and a few others and while they do make the task easier they are still limited in what they are can do and the cost is way to high for what they can do.

Now that we are working on a new release of Shop Cal Manager I started to search again for some program to help me create robust documentation of our software. Again what I found fell short or just plain cost too much for what they could do. I even looked at Adobe Robohelp but that is one price pill I cannot swallow. I was again thinking I would be stuck with using HTML Help Workshop from Microsoft and not looking forward to it.

Then last night I was searching the web. Not remembering just what search terms I put in I stumbled across a YouTube video that someone had put up about Dr. Explain so I searched the web for Dr. Explain and found their site. Seeing that they had a download for a trial I was going to wait until I was further along with SCM before trying it as I assumed the trial would only be for 30 days or less. Then I noticed it would run in trial mode forever so I downloaded it.

This morning I installed Dr. Explain just to give it a try out. Not reading any documentation on how to use it I just started to play around with it. Capturing a screen shot of SCM Dr. Explain attempts to figure out any controls that may be used on the screen shot. While it did not figure everything out it did better than I thought it would but I really did not care as I planed on editing the help content myself anyway.

A few screen captures and figuring out how to use Dr. Explain all I can say is WOW. With little effort I will be able to create a robust online documentation for our software. This will allow me to continually update any documentation as new features get added to our software.

The really cool thing is Dr. Explain can be used for more than just creating help or documentation files for software. It is absolutely amazing what you can do with Dr. Explain and I have just starting looking into it so there is no telling what else I will find to use it for. One of the coolest features I will be looking into is online documentation with user comments and social sharing. See video below.


I do plan on registering Dr. Explain as soon as I have the spare cash but until then I can create the online documentation using the trial version. It water marks the images but it is not real intrusive to the point of where you would not be able to actually use the documentation files created by Dr. Explain in a real world setting.

Currently Dr. Explain has  3 license levels besides the free trial.

  • Regular for $190.00 US
  • Advanced for $290.00 US
  • Ultima for $390.00 US


I would highly recommend that anyone needing to create documentation (online or offline) or wants to create online tutorials for websites or anything else, do yourself a big favor and go to  and download the trial. You will not be sorry and after you give it a try I am quite sure you will be like me and want to purchase it.

More to come about Dr. Explain as I start using it for other things. And enjoy the robust online documentation for our software coming soon that will be created using Dr. Explain.