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Setting the company logo position


This only works with Quick Quote 3.2 Build 201406.20 or higher. The update to Build 201406.20 can only be applied if you have Build 201402.11



From within Quick Quote 3.2 click the "updates" on the menu bar and follow the instructions. Quick quote will close and ask you if you want to check for updates. If one is found it will ask you if you want to download it. Download the file and install it.



Once you have updated Quick Quote to Build 201406.20 start it back up and then click on the little upside down triangle next to the settings computer icon. Click on the "Logo Position" link. This link is only available to Advanced License holders and you must be logged in with administrator access. 



Now select the position where you want the company logo on your quotes and invoices to be shifted to. The click ok.



You will now see your logo shifted to the location you picked.

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